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This website is currently the work of one person!
I have been a Soccer Fan since the 1970's.
I decided to create this website, after all of the talks and comparisons between Maradona and Diego Maradona.
My name is Adolfo, and I was born in Cordoba, Argentina in the late 60's... I currently live on the coast of Florida, United States.
Yes, my first soccer idol was Diego Maradona, a FIFA World Cup Champion in 1986 (could have and should have also won 78', 90' & 94') and one of the greatest players to ever live!
I still remember crying when Diego Armando Maradona was left out of the 1978 FIFA World Cup Championship team; by Cesar Luis Menotti...
I started playing soccer at the age of 4 for "Juniors", a local club in the burrough of the same name in Cordoba City. I continued playing until 1980; when I moved to Florida, United States!

Soccer was not a big sport when I arrived in the U.S.; so I stopped playing for about 3 years before picking it up again in Junior High!


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Maradona & Diego Maradona